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Technology in the health sector is adapting fast. Aetos Health is executing their rollout where technology will be used to collect, monitor and advise doctors, therapists, pharmaceutical and insurance groups on the active status of the patient on an ongoing basis. With these ideas and concepts of an integrated, cradle to grave, single repository, health subscription facility, the partners of Aetos Health had to be convinced that the Health Industry and business plan was solid to sign up as participants.

Aetos Health has developed an integrated platform known as PatientCare Connect which consists of three interactive software platforms known as:

  1. Clinical Virtual Patient Care (Electronic Medical Record)

  2. HABIT – The Health & Behavioral Integrated Tool (The Preventative Health Care Record)

  3. A Big Data Integrated Platform for Geographical Analytics and Segmentation Searches known as Perceivant.

This business plan takes the central theme of the anticipated Subscription System of Medical Records which can be electronically controlled, switch on and off according to a subscription agreement.

A single medical record of a single patient is part and parcel which serves to inform the doctor, patient and insurance on a cradle to grave concept.

For this we have chosen the Virtual Patient Care as a carrier, collector and administrator of the centralised patient record. Integrated into this is the preventative health care product Habit, which allows for the receiving of patient vital stats on an active continues basis from external health monitoring devices.

The concept of putting the Electronic Health Record into the cloud allows us to deal with the challenges of the world of tomorrow.

Our health cloud platform integrates many different kinds of computing devices e.g. desktops, laptops, cell phones, tablets or pocket pc’s. With the world which is rapidly changing, and healthcare which is eluding more and more people, our (Aetos Health) intention is to make the functionality of the Electronic Health Record and data needed, always accessible. No matter where we are in the world, and no matter what we’re using to access the Internet.

This should increase the tempo at which doctors could see, and diagnose, and treat and prescribe medicine and in addition, do it cheaper by using cloud computing. If an online data storage service is used (which Aetos Health will provide), there’s no need to buy server hardware.


PatientCare Connect
Connecting patients and medical practitioners nationwide

What is PatientCare Connect?

It is a new benefit available to all Edcon Thank U account holders (Edgars, Jet, Boardmans, CNA, Red Square) enabling them to:

– Use their Thank U account to pay for private health care. This makes private health care accessible to people without a medical aid and help those with a medical aid to manage their claims and finance their self-payment gap.
– Apply for credit from Edcon to pay for health care services.
– Use their Thank U account to pay for medicine at Dis-Chem, provided there is a nappi-code available.
– Earn loyalty points when they pay private health practitioners accredited with PatientCare Connect or pay for medicine at DisChem, Whom is part of the PatientCare Connect Programme.

How does it work?

Patients swipe their Thank U card or do verification via Fingerprint scanner at accredited
medical practitioners to verify and authorise transactions, using a card reader provided by
Aetos Health.

What is the benefit to healthcare professionals?

PatientCare Connect will give you:

– Access to patients that might not have used your services before because they don’t have a medical aid
– Immediate payment from Edcon to service providers
– Connecting to a network aiming at providing a single patient health record

Where do I sign up?

Visit https://www.thanku.co.za/ for more information or apply here!

Apply for ThankU Card here